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Community infrastructure planning

Our Community Infrastructure Plan

The Moreland Community Infrastructure Plan (PDF 3.8MB) guides our planning and delivery of community infrastructure.

The Community Infrastructure Plan responds to increasing demand for community infrastructure in Merri-bek because of our growing and changing population. The plan focusses on improving the performance of what we have while directing new investment where community benefits the most. It can also help us secure external funding or project partners.

What is community infrastructure?

Community infrastructure, or community facilities, are public buildings and spaces that house community services. When facilities co-locate in a building or precinct, it is known as a community hub.

The 5 community infrastructure categories at Merri-bek

There are 5 different categories of community buildings that we own. The different types of community infrastructure in each category are listed below.

Arts and culture

We own a range of buildings used for arts and culture. These include gallery and exhibition spaces, indoor and outdoor performance spaces, theatres, and creative spaces.

Community Spaces

The buildings that we own and are used for community spaces include community venues and halls, senior citizen centres, and multi-purpose spaces.

Early years, children and young people

Throughout Merri-bek we have many facilities specifically used for the education, health and recreation of early years, children, and young people. These spaces include playschool spaces, preschools and 3 and 4 year old kindergartenschildcare and long day care, maternal and child health centres, and youth spaces.

Education and learning

Our education and learning based community buildings include librariesneighbourhood houses and community centres.

Aquatic, leisure and recreation

The buildings that we own in the aquatic, leisure and recreation category include aquatic and leisure facilities, indoor sporting facilities, and sports pavilions.

Explore community infrastructure in your local area

Click on the links to visit an interactive map of the community infrastructure in the north, central and south areas of Merri-bek. 

Merr-bek North
Merri-bek Central
Merri-bek South

Why is community infrastructure important?

Community infrastructure and spaces provide focal points for community activity. They are places where people can meet and connect. Community infrastructure can also attract people to live in or visit an area.

We also want to ensure Merri-bek has a sustainable community. A key factor of a sustainable community is diversity. Providing a range of community spaces is one way to attract and retain a diverse community. With our community spaces we aim to provide a range of different facilities that suit different ages, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.