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Moomba Park Wetland is now officially open

14 May 2024

Merri-bek’s new Moomba Park Wetland was officially opened in a community celebration over the weekend. Funded in partnership between Merri-bek City Council and Melbourne Water, Moomba Park Wetland is designed to improve waterway health by capturing and treating untreated stormwater before it flows into Merri Creek. The wetlands also provide a unique habitat for the rare and threatened Growling Grass Frog.  

The Growling Grass Frog (Litoria raniformis) is a species of ground-dwelling tree frog native to south-eastern Australia that is listed as a threatened species in Victoria. After individual discoveries of the frog species around the Merri Creek area—just downstream from Moomba Park—Council officers proposed a unique habitat be built as part of the wetland to encourage population growth in the area.  

The completed Moomba Park Wetland diverts stormwater from surrounding areas into the wetland system through an underground pipe. This water is then filtered over two to three days by physical and biological processes to remove pollutants and improve water quality. Treated water then flows into a small pond that has been purpose-built as a habitat for Growling Grass Frogs before overflow makes its way into Merri Creek. Enclosed by a small, see-through fence, the pond not only provides a protected habitat for the frog, but acts as a home for many bugs, insects, invertebrates, waterbirds and reptiles.  

Walking tracks, a viewing platform and interpretive educational signage have also been installed in the area as part of the project. These signs provide detailed information about the water, wetlands, and local wildlife, offering the community a unique learning experience about the importance of water management and conservation. 

The $1 million project has been completed with $500,000 in funding from Melbourne Water as part of the Liveable Communities, Liveable Waterways program. This program encourages local government and others to improve stormwater management for waterway health and other benefits, including greener and healthier landscapes, and flood risk reduction.  

Moomba Park Wetland is a great example of how we can work alongside a passionate and active community to make our outdoor spaces more accessible and more beneficial for the wider community and environment. This was demonstrated on the weekend with attendance from Friends of Merri-Creek, Merri Creek Management Committee, local families, Uncle Bill Nicholson, Mayor Adam Pulford, Member for Broadmeadows Katherine-Matthews Ward and Melbourne , and of course members of our community all coming together to celebrate how we can work together for the benefit of our waterways and community. 

Moomba Park Wetland is a key part of Council’s Integrated Water Management Strategy 2040, reflecting our commitment to healthy waterways and sustainable habitats.

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