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Go electric! Councils spark interest in a switch to all-electric homes

12 May 2023

Councils across Australia are uniting to encourage residents to electrify their homes, as part of a campaign led by Merri-bek City Council. 

Councils have worked hard to develop a suite of resources to promote the benefits, and provide advice on how to go electric. The resources have been developed as Australians show increased interest in making the switch to reduce bills, move away from gas, and access renewable sources of electricity at a fairer price. 

The campaign will be promoted in Merri-bek through advertising outdoors, online and in council facilities, as well as through joint community events with Darebin, Yarra and Banyule councils.  

Merri-bek Mayor Councillor Angelica Panopoulos said the innovative campaign is the first of its kind in Australia.  

“We believe this is the first time councils have banded together to encourage their communities to electrify everything,” Cr Panopoulos said.  

“The power of the campaign is in its local knowledge – each council can tailor the delivery of the message for their residents. But the message itself will resonate with Australians across the country.”  

The messaging guide was developed after Merri-bek undertook research into attitudes about and knowledge of all-electric homes, with the major outcome being people wanting information, guides and the benefits of going all electric to reduce bills, be part of the transition to a renewable future, and fairer access for all. 

“All-electric is better for your hip pocket, better for the environment and the healthiest option for your home and family.  

“We want homeowners and rental providers in Merri-bek and beyond to hear the advantages loud and clear – compounded by seeing the benefits in action when friends and family Australia-wide electrify everything.”  

The resources includes a plan and checklist for residents, posters, design files, and a range of graphics showcasing ways to electrifying your household.  

“Any step towards clean energy makes an impact. If you aren’t ready to install induction cooktops, you might be keen to try using an e-bike instead of your car. This campaign gives councils options to target different demographics in their community.”  

“If it takes six months or six years, we are helping our residents to plan to make the switch.”  

“Merri-bek City Council and our community are known as a leader in the sustainability and climate change space, and we’re proud to support other councils and their communities to be part of the clean energy future.”  

By running your home on electricity you can reduce your energy bills, and also your carbon emissions when using electricity powered by renewables.

Learn more and download the resources on the Zero Carbon Merri-bek website.