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Level crossing removals in Brunswick welcome, but more investment in Upfield line urgently needed

19 Sep 2022

Quotes attributable to Merri-bek Mayor Mark Riley 

“We welcome the announcement of level crossing removals in Brunswick. These will greatly boost pedestrian safety and accessibility while alleviating pressure on our roads during peak hours,” Cr Riley said. 

“This work will also significantly improve the Upfield bike path, in line with Council’s commitment to promoting sustainable transport options. We know that dedicated cycling infrastructure encourages residents to see riding a bike as a genuine transport option in the long term. 

“However, we need the Victorian Government to urgently deliver other transport infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing community.  

“Population growth in the northern corridor is putting significant pressure on the Upfield line – duplicating and upgrading the Upfield rail corridor would help provide a safe and efficient public transport network for our community in the north. 

“Right now, trains only run every 20 minutes during peak hour, which is amongst the worst in the rail network, while some of our older stations are among the lowest rated by commuters. 

“Acknowledging that this investment contributes toward an overarching plan to improve rail services, I urge the Victorian Government to simultaneously duplicate the Upfield line north of Coburg – this is a regionally significant project that would create even more jobs, upskill local workers, and boost the economy, while meeting the future needs of Merri-bek and Melbourne’s booming northern region.”