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Sponsorship of Festivals and Events

Merri-bek City Council offers sponsorships for our festivals and events. Formal sponsorship Expressions of Interest proposals have now closed for the 2023/2024 festivals season. 

About our festivals and events

Merri-bek City Council is committed to creating a thriving city that celebrates arts, recreation, diversity, and well-being for the community's benefit. Our festivals, events, exhibitions, and performances promote cultural expression and community identity, fostering unity and contributing to the city's economy.

Merri-bek City Council Sponsorship Policy

Merri-bek City Council has developed a Sponsorship Policy which acknowledges the benefits and costs of sponsorship. Sponsors can offer financial or in-kind support. Sponsors support important community activities and in doing so align their brands with ours, gaining acknowledgment from our wide community of audiences and participants.

Download the Sponsorship Policy (PDF)

Activities and events for sponsorship

As a sponsor, your business joins us in celebrating arts, culture, and events while making a meaningful impact on the well-being of our city and its people. Sponsors can support one or more of the following events via our Expression of Interest process.

  • Location: CB Smith Reserve, Fawkner

    Attendance: 2,000+

    The Fawkner Festa is an annual grassroots event celebrating Fawkner's diverse community with music, dance, art, food, and kids' activities. Established in 2008 through the Focus on Fawkner project, it emphasizes local engagement and participation. The Festa features performances, workshops, and community stalls, typically lasting 4 hours.

  • Location: Coburg Lake Reserve

    Attendance: 5,000+

    Carols by the Lake is a heart-warming annual tradition. Families and friends gather beside the water at Coburg Lake Reserve to enjoy enchanting carol performances, festive lights, and a joyful community atmosphere, spreading the holiday spirit throughout the city.

  • Location: Bridges Reserve, Coburg

    Attendance: 6,000+ per day

    A delightful three-day event with diverse flavours, artisan products, and captivating entertainment. Held from Friday 15 December to Sunday 17 December 2023, with around 5,000 attendees per day and up to two bars each night.

  • Precinct: Venues throughout Brunswick

    Attendance: 60,000+

    A magical 9-day celebration of live music across Brunswick, including the Sydney Road Street Party (50,000+ attendees), Council-produced events (800 to 1000 attendees per night), and other special events as part of the program. In 2024 BMF runs from March 3 to March 11.

  • Precinct: Bridget Shortell Reserve, Glenroy

    Attendance: 2,000+ per night

    The Glenroy Festival is an annual grassroots event celebrating Glenroy's diverse community with music, dance, art, food, and kids' activities at Bridget Shortell Reserve. Running for over a decade ago, the event fosters local engagement and participation. The festival features a stage program, roving performances, workshops, and community stalls, typically lasting 4 hours.


If you require more information about sponsorship please email