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Merri-bek Libraries Makerspaces

Merri-bek Libraries have Makerspaces at Brunswick, Coburg and Glenroy libraries. A Makerspace is a creative space where the community can come together to create, connect and learn.

All users of the Makerspace need to complete an induction with library staff, be a library member and be aged 15 or over. Library staff will not be able to teach you how to use equipment, the induction covers safety aspects only.

For questions and bookings of the Makerspaces email or call Coburg Library on 9353 4000.

Drop-in times

The Makerspaces are used for library programs and drop-in sessions. Anyone can use the Makerspace during the nominated drop-in times to use the equipment or just have space to be creative.

    • Monday           9am – 1pm
    • Tuesday          11am – 3pm
    • Wednesday     9am – 1pm
    • Thursday         5pm – 7:45pm
    • Friday              2pm – 6pm
    • Saturday          1pm – 3:45pm
    • Sunday            1pm – 4:45pm
    • Monday           9am – 1pm
    • Tuesday          3pm – 7:45pm
    • Wednesday     9am – 1pm
    • Thursday         3pm – 7:45pm
    • Friday              9am – 1pm
    • Saturday          1pm – 3:45pm
    • Sunday            1pm – 4:45pm
    • Monday           9am – 1pm
    • Tuesday          3pm – 7:45pm
    • Wednesday     3pm – 7:45pm
    • Thursday         9am – 1pm
    • Friday              9am – 1pm
    • Saturday          12pm – 3:45pm

Makerspace equipment

Equipment in the Makerspaces is available for everyone to use. 

    • Janome 721 sewing machines at Coburg and Brunswick 
    • Janome DC250 sewing machines at Glenroy 
    • Janome 644D overlocker in all Makerspaces 
    • Janome Memory Craft 500E Embroidery machine at Coburg 
    • Janome HD 3000 Heavy Duty sewing machine at all Makerspaces 
    • Ironing board and iron 

    Online tutorials to get started with the sewing machines 

  • All our Makerpsaces have 

    •  Cricut Maker or Maker 3 
    • Fine point blade (paper& vinyl) 
    • Rotary blade (fabric) 
    • Cutting mats: light, standard and strong grip, fabric mat 
    • Weeding tools and scraper 

    You will need to bring your own device with Bluetooth or USB connection and with Cricut Design Space installed, as well as any consumables such as vinyl, transfer tape and card stock.

    To get started with Cricut we reccommend this online tutorial:Cricut Design Space Help for Beginners: Part 1 - Tutorial of Design Space YouTube video 

  • The Coburg Makerspace has: 

    • Fume hood and wet area  
    • Ultimaker 2+ 3D printers 
    • Einscan SE 3D scanner 

    Print files need to be loaded on to a SD card. We ask that 3D printing be limited to jobs that take 4 hours or less.

    Online tutorials to help you get started:

  • The Brunswick Makerspace has a digitisation station which includes:

    • Epson V850 photo scanner for photos, slides and negatives
    • VHS converter for turning videos into digital format
    • Designated PCs connected to the equipment
    • Instruction guides
    • Headphones

    What to bring:

    • Your photos or video
    • A storage device such as a USB stick or external hard drive – or use cloud based storage.

    Please note that digitising video happens in real time, so for example a one hour video will take one hour to convert. Keep that in mind when planning your time in the Makerspace.


Digital Makerspace

Cant make it into the Makerspace? Why not try these activities at home. 


Studio and Jam Room at Glenroy Community Hub

The Studio and Jam Room are two exciting spaces where the community can work on audio-visual creative projects!

The Studio has all the equipment you need to record your music, podcasts, or other sound projects that require recording, editing, and mastering.

The Jam Room can be booked for things like rehearsals, workshops, etc.

    1. Please fill out the enquiry form to book an Induction Session. During the Induction Session we will show you how to use the space and equipment safely.
      Please Note – If you are under 18, a responsible adult/ guardian must accompany you whilst using studio and Jam Room facilities
    2. We will then contact you to book your Induction. This will generally take place on Wednesdays between 10 am and 4 pm however, there is the potential capacity to be inducted at another time after discussion.
    3. If you’re not already a Library Member, you’ll need to become one. It is free to join the Library. This can be done online beforehand or on the day of your induction at Glenroy Library.
    4. After you have attended your induction session, contact Venessa by email at  to book a time to use the space.
  • The Studio and Jam Room are only available for use during Glenroy Library’s opening hours.

    These are:

    • Mondays, 9am - 8pm
    • Tuesdays, 9am – 8pm
    • Wednesdays, 9am – 8pm
    • Thursdays, 9am – 10pm
    • Fridays, 9am – 6pm
    • Saturdays, 9am – 4pm
    • Sundays, 1pm - 5pm
    • Our Mixing desk setup has all you need to record your projects!
    • Our Music Control Room has a Soundcraft Signature MTK 22 mixing desk with 14 tracks available to record on, an Avid Eleven effects rack, a DBX 2-Channel Compressor/Gater, Yamaha HS5 monitors, running Logic Pro on Mac.
    • Our Midi/Podcasting station has an Arturia Keylab 61 keyboard, a RØDE RødeCaster Pro podcast console, with Ableton Mac. 
    • We also have a Roland Gaia synth, A Roland Digital Drumkit, Acoustic and Electric guitars, Headphones, Microphones (vocal, instrumental, and podcasting), and plenty of stands, mounts, and cables (XLR and ¼ inch leads). 
    • If you have your own instrument, you are welcome to bring it in during your session too.
  • During your induction, we will give you a tour of all equipment and areas in the studio. We can briefly introduce the basics of each program if you are new to them.

    However, the Studio and Jam Room are designed to be used self-sufficiently by members of the public. We won’t be offering one-on-one tutorials.

    As such, we encourage all users of the space to read and/or watch tutorials and guides on the equipment and programs you would like to use (either at home, or on the many Public PC’s we have at the Library)!

  • Yes, as long as one or more of you have been officially inducted into the spaces. If anyone is under 18, there must be an adult amongst the group.

    Please note: If you accompany someone into the studio who has already been inducted, you will still need to have an induction session if you would like to make a booking for yourself at a later date.

    We are able to induct multiple people at once if you plan on using the spaces as a group.

  • Questions about the space can be emailed to 
    Vanessa and

    Bookings (after your induction) can be made by contacting Vanessa at