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Make your business accessible

Good access is good business

Nearly one in four Merri-bek residents have a disability. If your premises are not accessible for everyone you may be missing out on significant numbers of potential customers.

Accessibility is broader than structural changes to your site such as ramps and wider aisles, it can range from training your staff on how to accommodate the needs of everyone, the font you choose for your menus and website, how you display your product to where you place your signage.

Under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992, your business is legally obliged to ensure ease of access for people of all abilities.

Who benefits from good access to your site?

Good access benefits all people, but especially those who:

  • have difficulties moving and may use a wheelchair, electric scooter, walking frame or crutches
  • are blind or deaf or have some trouble seeing or hearing
  • have difficulties reaching and holding things
  • find it hard to speak, understand, or need to rest often due to illness or injury, or
  • have young children, prams or strollers, heavy bags or shopping jeeps.

How you can make your business more accessible

Improving access does not have to be expensive. See our Good Access is Good Business guide for practical tips.