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Merri-bek Nature Explorer Passport

Image description: a small child holds the Merri-bek Nature Explorer Passport in her hands. She is looking down at the Passport and her face is hidden from view.

About the book

Time spent playing in nature is really important for kids’ development and well-being – and it’s fun!

The Merri-bek Nature Explorer Passport is an activity book to encourage preschool aged kids and their families to spend time playing in nature.

You will find a list of simple play activities to complete, a map of Merri-bek’s nature spots, and tips on playing in our parks and reserves. Mark each completed activity with a sticker and when the whole passport is full, you can download your certificate of completion from this page.

You’ve become an official Merri-bek Nature Explorer!

Download your Nature Explorer Certificate

Finished every activity in the Passport? Congratulations!

You can download your certificate to print at home here or you can head to one of our libraries where our staff can help print it out for you.

Thanks for being a Merri-bek Nature Explorer!

Moreland Nature Explorer Passport