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Sports and leisure

Active Merri-bek

Active Merri-bek is a Merri-bek Council website that shows the details of local leisure centres, sporting facilities and clubs. It also has advice on how to get active and places to get active in Merri-bek.

Visit the Active Merri-bek website

Pools, gyms and leisure centres

If you're looking to go swimming, visit a gym or take part in group fitness, we have some great options. Merri-bek has great pools and leisure centres that you can visit. You'll find the details of each of our centres below.

Year-round facilities:

Seasonal facilities:

About our Aquatic and leisure strategy

This strategy and long term financial plan fully funds the operations, maintenance and renewal of all 6 pools over the 20 year horizon of this strategy.

We will need to raise $11.6 million ($14.1 million escalated) within the next 5 years to implement the upgrade of Fawkner Leisure Centre and a further $40.7 million ($67.6 million escalated) within the next 15 years to fund the Coburg Leisure Centre redevelopment. There are plans in place to raise these funds in order to work towards these important goals.

Due to the investment required and changing nature and use of aquatic and leisure facilities, the strategy will be reviewed in 5 year increments to allow for any adjustments.

Aquatic and leisure strategy documents:

Sports, hobbies and activities

There are many sports and hobby groups that operate in Merri-bek. These groups either use venues or spaces we manage or are managed by community or private groups.

To find out about local sports groups, use the Active Merri-bek Sport and activity search tool. It will show you which clubs operate in our area.

To find out about our sports grounds and different facilities for sport, go to the Sports grounds and facilities page on Active Merri-bek.

To find out about local hobby groups, you can use the Infoxchange Service Seeker website. It has a community directory that you can use to find groups that match your interests.

Moreland Sport and Recreation Strategy

Download a copy of our Sport and Recreation Strategy 2020.

Minibuses available for hire

Council has 3 minibuses available for local community organisations to hire for activities and programs that directly benefit Merri-bek residents.

Find out more about Community minibuses for hire