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  • Merri-bek City Council is committed to being a Child Safe organisation and has zero tolerance for child abuse.

Working at Merri-bek

Merri-bek is a municipality in Melbourne’s inner north. Our Civic Centre is located 8 kilometres from Melbourne CBD. We have excellent public transport available and cycling access for our employees.

Our commitment

We deliver important services to a great community, through people who enjoy their work and are proud to work for Merri-bek.

Values that drive us

Our vision is to be one team, brave and diverse, making a difference.

  • Customers and community first: we acknowledge our main purpose is to work with our Community and customers.
  • Respect: we support and value others.
  • Personal accountability: we take pride in our work and are responsible for doing it well.
  • Integrity: we will do what we say.
  • One team: we will work within and across the organisation to achieve community outcomes.

Download Merri-bek Council's value statements and expectations (DOC 694Kb).

Staff benefits

At Merri-bek we know there is more to life than what you do at work, which is why we provide our employees with every opportunity to enjoy a work-life balance.

With a workforce of over 1000 full-time, part-time and casual employees, we offer:

    • Up to 20 weeks primary and up to 5 weeks secondary parental leave
    • Purchase leave
    • Ceremonial leave
    • Pandemic leave
    • Gender affirmation leave
    • Family violence leave
    • Creating work/life balance is no longer out of reach. At Merri-bek City Council we recognise that people work more effectively when their lives are in balance which is why we consider hybrid work arrangements where it meets our business needs. We encourage these conversations to take place throughout the recruitment process.
    • for positions up to band 5, you will enjoy working a 35 hour week with a fortnightly Rostered Day Off, and for positions within the Bands 6 – 8, you will enjoy working a 19 day month.
    • Have the opportunity to purchase additional annual leave
    • salary sacrificing of Active Merri-bek leisure centre membership, access to novated leasing of motor vehicles and Council-owned childcare and superannuation
    • Grow with us: We are committed to developing and growing our people through a blend of comprehensive professional development and a workplace that continually challenges and strengthens your ability. Our employees enjoy the benefits of both on and off-site training courses, access to self-paced learning resources and support for approved further education with a progressive study assistance program.
    • employer-supported study assistance schemes
    • Get to know your colleagues: Here at Merri-bek we have created an environment where our employees have the opportunity to get to know each other both socially and professionally. Our Social Club activities include monthly Happy Hour, an annual Dinner Dance, children’s Christmas Party and group bookings to films and the theatre throughout the year.
    • Local Government Employee Health Plan offers highly competitive rates for health insurance
    • Merri-bek have an extensive health and wellbeing program that runs within Council to benefit all employees
    • Express lunchtime classes
    • Creating a healthy workplace: Merri-bek City Council provides annual influenza vaccination at no cost to their employee – by department only at the moment
    • Merri-bek wants their employees to be rewarded for their hard work. We run an annual R&R ceremony and have numerous competitions throughout the year that you can be nominated for.
    • Shine employee awards for excellence
    • Continued service with local government: We value your continued service with local government. It’s not uncommon for some of our employees to have worked in other councils and therefore there is the availability of transfer of some service entitlements for councils within Victoria.
  • Council adopted a Gender Equality Commitment in 2019
    that states gender equality means the equality of rights,
    opportunities and responsibilities for people of all genders.

    It means all genders should have the same access to wellbeing,
    freedom of choice and safety. We are committed to providing services that are inclusive, culturally safe and respectful for all gender, sexual and cultural identities.

    View a copy of our Gender Equality Action Plan.

Types of roles you can do at Council 

The types of jobs available include:

  • outdoor land management and revitalisation works
  • cleaning services to public assets, including graffiti removal
  • food and meal delivery services to support vulnerable people
  • waste management and signage work
  • digital communications to support community engagement and outreach
  • culturally and linguistically diverse support roles
  • maintenance and improvement works
  • local business and community advisory and recovery services;
  • public health and well-being compliance officers
  • environmental, waterways and heritage sites community education and outreach works
  • supervisory and human resources expertise to manage onboarding and deliver programs at scale.