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The Extraordinary Women of Glenroy exhibition

01 May 2024

We’re excited to launch The Extraordinary Women of Glenroy exhibition at Glenroy Festival on Sunday 5 May.

Glenroy is home to many remarkable women with stories as diverse as the community itself. Some are long-time residents, while others are newcomers, but they all contribute something special.

Come and see our photo exhibition, featuring 21 women nominated by their community.

Glenroy Festival runs from 11am to 3pm at Glenroy Community Hub and Bridgett Shortell Reserve.

Over the coming months you can learn more about these extraordinary women. Throughout June we’ll showcase their images through projection artwork and flags around Glenroy Centre. We’ll provide more details soon.

Let's honour the strength, resilience, and spirit of Glenroy's extraordinary women.

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