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Next Council meeting agenda

Accessing Council meetings

The next scheduled Council Meeting is on Wednesday 6 December at 7pm.  

Live streaming of Council meetings

Merri-bek City Council livestreams a video of our Council meetings. You can watch this livestream of our Council meetings on our Livestreaming page.

From our livestreaming page you will also be able to access recordings of past meetings.  

Interpreter service  

An interpreter can be made available at a Council meeting if we are given notice a week (7 days) before the meeting that this is required. If this service is required, please let us know by calling 9240 1111.

6 December 2023

Council Agenda 6 December 2023 - PDF with Attachments

Council Agenda 6 December 2023 - Word without Attachments

Council Reports

7.1          Draft Open Space Strategy - Endorsement For Consultation

7.2          Food System Strategy

7.3          wat Djerring Animal Facility - Review Of First Year of Operation

7.4          Domestic Animal Management Plan 2021-2025 - Annual Progress Report

7.5          Support For Neighbourhood Houses

7.6          Central Coburg Affordable Housing Hub - Response To Notice Of Motion

7.7          Outcome of Investigation Into Quantifying Housing Need in Merri-Bek

7.8          Merri-Bek Affordable Housing - New Memorandum Of Understanding

7.9          Parking Management Policy

7.10        Naming The Park At 41-43 Service Street Coburg - Voting Poll Results

7.11        Stormwater Mapping - Consultation Response & Amendment C196

7.12        Glenroy Community Hub Cafe - Update and Next Steps

7.13        Proposed EOI for Former Coburg Station Building  at 135a Bell Street, Coburg

7.14        Review of Railway Place, Coburg Following The Level Crossing Removal Project Completion

7.15        Allocation and Use of Sporting Facilities, Grounds and Pavilions Policy

7.16        Draft Lease and Licence Policy

7.17        2023/24 First Quarter Financial Report

7.18        Financial Management Report For The Period Ended 31 October 2023

7.19        Proposed Councillor Contact With Lobbyists Developers and Submitters Policy

7.20        Review of Councillor Support, Expenses and Resources Policy

7.21        Review of Risk Management Policy

7.22       Councillor Appointments To Portfolios, Internal Committees, Advisory Committees, Reference Groups and Other External Bodies

7.23        Governance Report - December 2023 - Cyclical Report

7.24        Contracts Awarded and Delegated to Disestablished Council Positions

7.25       Contract Award: RFT-2023-505 Road Reconstruction - Carlisle Street, Coburg (Darlington Grove to Nicholson Street)

Confidential Business

12.1        Strategic Land Acquisition Open Space

Pursuant to section 3(1)(g(ii)) of the Local Government Act 2020 this report has been designated as confidential because it relates to private commercial information, being information provided by a business, commercial or financial undertaking that if released, would unreasonably expose the business, commercial or financial undertaking to disadvantage.