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Merri-bek Arts Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Merri-bek Arts Advisory Committee is to:

  • Develop and advise Council on policy and annual priorities relating to the arts
  • Act as a body for marketing; fostering understanding and appreciation of the positive role that the arts have in supporting the development of cultural opportunities
  • Encourage community involvement and networks and promote participation in the arts
  • Provide a structure through which the views and interests of the Merri-bek community can be articulated for the attention of Council and its staff
  • Contribute to any future review of Council's involvement in facilitating the arts in Merri-bek that may occur


The Merri-bek Arts Advisory Committee has an overarching role to advance arts and culture in Merri-bek. It is the principal consultative body advising Council in furthering the cultural vitality of the city.


  • Alister Karl
  • Barry Solomon
  • David Ryding
  • Dr Geoffrey Vernon Hogg
  • Karen Ferguson
  • Maya Hodge
  • Nur Shkembi


This committee meets every three months from 6 - 7.30 pm or as required.

Terms of reference

Terms of Reference for the Merri-bek Arts Advisory Committee (PDF 400KB)