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Are you still using your old 120 litre mixed recycling bin?

11 May 2023

Our crews are continuing to roll out Merri-bek’s new 4-bin waste service and would like to thank residents for playing their part.

All households and businesses that use Council's waste service now have a new 240 litre mixed recycling bin.

Households and businesses have received information in their letterboxes about the move to a 4-bin service. Instructions on how to use your new 240 mixed recycling bin were attached when it was delivered.

Residents should now be using their new 240 litre mixed recycling bins for their recycling. Those who have arrangements with Council to keep their 120 litre mixed recycling bin due to medical or mobility requirements should keep using it as normal.

We are asking Merri-bek residents who are still using their old 120 litre bin to:

Put the contents into your new 240 litre mixed recycling bin. Place your empty 120 litre bin upside down on the kerb for removal.

Learn more about the new 4 bin service.

Explore how the new service will affect your household.