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New Coburg mural made by the community, for the community

14 Jan 2021

Image: A section of the new mural on the outer wall of Coburg Library

Coburg Library is now home to a new mural, celebrating the people and places of Merri-bek.

Artist Steph Hughes designed the mural using artwork from local children and older residents who created their designs during the Stage 4 COVID-19 lockdown.

Children from Coburg Primary School, residents of Northern Gardens Aged Care and Gilgunya Wintringham, as well as many keen residents of Merri-bek, have drawn local people and places that mean a lot to them.

Steph Hughes said, “We love all of the inspiring creativity and would like to extend our gratitude to all the participants!

“The heart-warming chats with locals passing by while we were installing the mural were very positive. There have been lots of big smiles”

The mural features drawings of local landmarks, self-portraits and local birds and animals.

Participants used a workbook and created their art alongside a pen pal. An older and a younger person were able to get to know each other through art, building connections during the difficult lockdown.

Local resident Atalanti said, “I wanted to express and include some of my upbringing and how crucial it was to who I am today.”

Charlotte from Coburg Primary School said, “The project is about the people. I love getting to know people, especially people in my own community.”

This project was called FACES & PLACES and was funded by Merri-bek Council.

FACES & PLACES helped build connections between Merri-bek’s older and younger residents, and a sense of belonging and pride for all during a tough year.

The project also supported the creative sector by employing a local artist at a time when the sector was dramatically affected by COVID-19 restrictions.

Glen Walton of Playable Streets will also be turning the drawings into an interactive online gallery with his tech team.

You can find out more by watching our video about FACES & PLACES or reading more on Conversations Moreland.