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Statement from Mayor Angelica Panopoulos on Citizenship Ceremonies on January 26

07 Dec 2022

Statement from Mayor of Merri-bek City Council:

“Merri-bek City Council has supported changing the date of Australia Day since 2017, so that our national day of celebration can be held on a day that is inclusive to everyone. 

Tonight, Council debated whether to discontinue holding citizenship ceremonies on 26 January - a decision made more complex due to the Federal Government’s Citizenship Ceremonies Code, amended by the previous Federal Government, that compulsorily requires all councils to conduct citizenship ceremonies on 26 January. 

The motion to discontinue citizenship ceremonies on 26 January was carried at tonight’s Council Meeting, Wednesday 7 December. However, a Councillor then lodged a rescission motion (a motion to overturn the original motion) which now means that the decision is suspended and cannot be implemented, until the rescission motion is debated and voted on."

Update Tuesday 13 December 2022

At a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday 13 December, Cr Tapinos withdrew his notice of motion to rescind, and no other Councillor choose to take up moving rights.

Therefore the motion to rescind lapsed, and the decision of Wednesday 7 December stands.