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Mature trees

02 Mar 2023

Check before you chop (or prune)

Did you know that many large trees are protected in Merri-bek?

Trees in Merri-bek increase community health, provide shelter for birds and wildlife and increase foot traffic for small local businesses.

You require a permit – by law – to remove a mature tree from your property.

Council protects all trees that are considered ‘mature,’ meaning a tree that:

  • is taller than 8 metres, and
  • has a single trunk diameter greater than 40cm* or has multiple trunks with a combined width more than 40cm*

*when measured at 1.2 metres above ground level


To apply for a permit visit our website or phone 9240 1111.


Significant Tree Register

Are you interested learning about significant trees in Merri-bek? Our recent Urban Forest Strategy uncovered the need for an interactive map.

A study was undertaken in 2021 that identified 492 trees as being particularly special to the character of Merri-bek. 

You can learn more about them here.