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Coworking and maker spaces

Coworking spaces accommodate a community of teams or individuals from different businesses.

Maker spaces are spaces where a community of businesses, entrepreneurs, inventors and the public can use tools and technology to design, develop and test products. Maker spaces are also referred to as coworking spaces.

Coworking can include a shared office or workshop space and so can suit any style of work. They bring business owners and employees from a variety of companies to share the space, skills and personalities. There are usually communal areas to encourage the sharing of ideas, and quiet areas and private rooms for those who find they work better in silence.

These spaces are a great first step in moving your business from home. A coworking community can provide:

  • an opportunity to work collaboratively
  • a support network
  • access to community and training events to help with your business and personal development
  • opportunities for sharing ideas
  • access to a range of skills and experience
  • an unofficial supply chain.

Coworking and maker spaces in Merri-bek