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Street numbering requests

Merri-bek City Council is responsible for allocating property numbers within the municipality.

If you need to submit a request for street numbering to be allocated to your site, complete the form below.

Street number and address allocation

Most street numbers are allocated as part of the subdivision process. Street numbers can also be updated due to building occupancy changes.

A primary consideration for creating or changing an address is that the street name and number match the point of access to the property. This must be in accordance with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4819:2011.

Numbering will not be allocated or modified to match business branding.

All properties in Merri-bek will be allocated a unique street address. Council will not approve requests for street number changes that conflict with the Australian Standards or:

  • when a number is considered unlucky or lucky
  • for cultural or religious reasons
  • for personal preference

Council issues street numbers from lowest to highest, with even numbers on one side of the street and odd numbers on the other side of the street.

Displaying street numbers - your obligations

After Council allocates your street number, it’s up to you to display it correctly.

By law, you must clearly display your street number in a prominent position to allow your property to be easily identified and located. This is most important in an emergency, but also for deliveries, service authorities, customers and visitors to the property or business.

Your number display must:

  • be placed at the front of the property, where it can be easily seen by passing foot and road traffic
  • be at least 10 centimetres high
  • use a colour which stands out clearly from the background (for example, black numbers on a white background provide the best contrast).

If your house is on a corner or has 2 street frontages, the number must only be displayed on the street that the address refers to. For example, if your house is on the corner of Phillips and Reynard Streets but is classified as being on Reynard Street, the number must only be displayed on the Reynard Street side of the house.

The street numbers displayed on your property must be renewed as often as necessary to maintain effectiveness. Penalties apply for premises not clearly identified or displaying incorrect numbers (see Moreland City Council General Local Law 2018, Part 12).

If for any reason you wish to change your street number, please email our Property Divisions team first

Street numbering request for property divisions