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  • You will receive a 240 litre mixed recycling bin as part of our new 4-bin waste service. Please report a lost, stolen, or damaged recycling bin after 1 May.


Bin delivery, repairs and replacements

Damaged bins

If your bin is damaged, we will repair or replace it. You can arrange this by calling us on 9240 1111 or by reporting a damaged bin on our eServices website.

After your next weekly collection, leave the damaged bin out, empty, and upside down. We will come to repair or replace it within 2 business days from your next weekly collection.

If your bin is unusable, please follow the instructions below for lost and stolen bins.

Lost, stolen, or unusable bins

If your bin has gone missing, we can deliver a replacement within 1 to 2 business days.

If your bin is damaged to the point of being unusable, please leave the bin out, empty and upside down so we can remove it when we deliver the replacement.

If you have provided a mobile number, you will be notified via text the evening before the bin is scheduled for delivery.

You can report a lost or stolen bin on our eServices website.

Changing the size of your garbage bin

Households in Merri-bek are able to change to a larger or smaller garbage bin. Changing your garbage bin size will result in a change to your annual waste charge. You can learn more about your annual waste charge on our Understand your rates page. We include this change in your rates notice.

We have three garbage bin sizes available:

  • 80 litres
  • 120 litres
  • 240 litres

Before you request a larger garbage bin, please consider how you could reduce your waste through recycling, composting, or ordering a food and garden organics (FOGO) bin.

To change the size of your garbage bin, property owners must apply for a bin changeover. A bin changeover fee of $69.45 is payable on application. Changing the size of your bin also impacts the annual waste charge itemised on your rates notice. For information on how the annual waste charge is calculated refer to how the waste charge is calculated.

  • Apply online

    Request a change to your garbage bin capacity

    Apply in person

    Hard copy versions of the form are available at a Customer Service Centre. 

  • If you or someone you live with has a medical condition, you may have extra garbage to dispose of and can apply for a concession rate on a larger bin.

    Apply online

    Request concession for larger bin - medical condition

    Apply in person

    Complete the Request for Concession - Increased Garbage Capacity (Medical Condition) form

    and bring it to a Customer Service Centre

  • If you have a large family, you may have extra garbage to dispose of and may be eligible for a concession rate on an extra bin. We base concessions for large families on one or two parents and 6 children living at home.

    Apply online

    Request concession for a larger bin  - large family

    Apply in person

    Complete the Request for Concession - Increased Garbage Capacity (Large Family) form and bring it to a Customer Service Centre

  • After you apply to change your garbage bin size, it can take 5 to 7 business days for us to process the request.

    • Please continue to use your garbage bin as normal during this time.
    • If you have given us your mobile number, we will text you the evening before we change the bin.
    • The change will be the business day following your collection day. Make sure your bin is empty and leave it on the kerb for us to change over. If you are able to, please place the bin upside down.
    • If the bin changeover does not happen on the scheduled day please leave the bin out and empty for an additional 2 business days to allow for any unexpected delays.
    • If you receive a note in your letterbox that the bin could not be changed, please call us on 9240 1111 to reschedule the changeover.

Changing the size of your recycling bin

We are deliverying new 240 litre recycling bins all households that have a 120 litre recycling bin during March and April, 2023. Your old 120 litre recycling bins will be removed 2-14 days after your 240 litre recycling bin is delivered.

These recycling bins are being delivered as we move to a 4-bin service.  From 1 July 2023, your recycling bin will be collected fortnightly. 

Delivering over 70,000 recycling bins to properties across Merri-bek is a large and complex task. Residents will be able to apply to increase or decrease the amount of recycling capacity they need from August 2023.

Changing the size of your food and garden organics (FOGO) bin

The available sizes for your FOGO bin are 120 litres (standard) or 240 litres.

From August 2023, you can change the size of your bin. There will be no changeover fee, but your waste charge will change. Smaller bins cost less and larger bins cost more.

Damaged food and garden organics caddies

Damaged food and garden organics caddies will not be replaced by us. We are only offering one complimentary caddy per household to support residents who wish to use the service. The caddies include 10% to 15% post-industrial recycled content.

Changing bins at multi-unit developments and apartment sites

Site developers agree to the number of bins on their site as part of a Waste Management Plan. They can request to review the bins at multi-unit developments or apartment sites.

The results of this review could be a change from single to shared bins. It could also mean changes to the number of bins or the size of the bins at the site. This review covers garbage, recycling, and food and garden organics bins.

To request a review fill in the Request Waste Review at multi-unit development form below.

Ordering a new bin

If you move into a property that doesn't have a garbage, recycling, or food and garden organics (FOGO) bin, you can order a bin on our eServices website. You can also call us on 9240 1111.

This includes non-residential properties who want to order a bin for the standard commercial waste service, which covers garbage and recycling collection only. You can find out more about this service on our Waste for businesses page.

  • After you order a new bin, we can usually deliver it within 1-2 business days.

    New FOGO bins come with a complimentary caddy and user guide. If you already have a FOGO bin (formerly green waste bin) you can pick up a complimentary benchtop caddy from a customer service centre.

Removing a bin from your property

If you have a stray or excess bin at your property, you can report it on our eServices website. You can also call us on 9240 1111. Please place the empty bin outside on the kerb and upside down.

If you are demolishing a building or redeveloping a property, please let us know so we can remove all bins from the property to prevent them from being damaged.

Bins must not contain building waste. This cannot be collected through our garbage collection service and can damage your bins. Regular bin inspections are conducted to ensure no building waste is being placed in bins.


Additional Bins at a Property

If your property has waste requirements in addition of 240 litres of waste capacity in garbage, recycling or food or garden organics. Or if you are a tenant at a property and need additional capacity to service the waste requirements. Council offer a commercial plus service that is invoiced bi annually to the applicant. 

You can learn more or apply for our commercial plus service on on our Waste for businesses page.

Alternately, private waste collection companies can be used to service additional waste requirements at a property.