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  • If our customer service centres are closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, our syringe disposal service will be temporarily closed.

    You can take your sharps, needles and syringes to Merri Health - located at 93 Bell Street, Coburg. You can contact Merri Health directly by calling 1300 637 744.

Syringe and needle disposal

Safe disposal of sharps

All sharps, needles, and syringes should be disposed of safely. For further information, you can read the Victorian Government Safe Retrieval and Disposal of Needles and Syringes brochure on the Victorian Department of Health website.

Syringe disposal containers

We have syringe disposal containers available to any person who needs them. Syringe disposal containers are free for Merri-bek residents.

Containers are available at our Council Customer Service Centres. You can find out more about these centres on our Contact us page. Once a container is full, it should be returned to us for disposal and replacement.

We also have free needle and syringe disposal kits for community groups, sports clubs and schools.

We sell syringe disposal containers to registered commercial premises at a minimal cost per container.

Merri Health also provides free syringe disposal bins outside their locations in Coburg and Brunswick. You can find out more about this organisation on the Merri Health website.

Syringe disposal units in public places

Unsafe disposal of used syringes in public places is dangerous. Please use a syringe disposal unit. Council public toilets have a syringe disposal unit.

If you see a discarded syringe or needle in a public area you can phone the Syringe Disposal Helpline on 1800 552 355 for advice, available 24 hours.