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Merri-bek Connectors

About the Merri-bek Connectors Program

The Merri-bek Connector program is run by Merri-bek City Council. The program helps us as a Council to speak with and hear from community members who speak languages other than English.

In 2020, over 10,000 Merri-bek residents who spoke a language other than English at home reported difficulty speaking English. That’s why the Connectors are so important.

Connectors help us to communicate with our community and help us understand our community’s needs.

How does the program work?

Merri-bek Connectors sit between Merri-bek City Council and the community. The Merri-bek Connectors program is voluntary.

Merri-bek Connectors: 

  • Ask the community what information they need
  • Share information from the Council with their community
  • Tell us how we can improve messages and translations from the Council
  • Help to facilitate effective communication between Council and our multicultural communities

Messages are on topics such as:

  • Council services, programs and events
  • Council survey, workshops and focus groups
  • Important Council updates about living in Merri-bek

What do the Merri-bek Connectors do?

The Merri-bek Connectors help us as a Council to communicate with our community in ways that our community needs.

A Connector might spend 2 to 3 hours each week:

  • Sharing weekly messages with their communities
  • Giving us advice on the best way to communicate with their community
  • Reaching out to the disconnected people in their community
  • Answering questions from their community
  • Attending training (such as mental health first aid, public speaking, community translation reviewing etc.)
  • Attending monthly Merri-bek Connector meetings

You can email if you have any questions about this program.