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How you can take action on climate change

Your individual action makes a difference to climate change.

Research shows that individual action has a knock-on effect by influencing others and shifting what’s viewed as “normal”.

That means that as more of us install solar and talk about its benefits with our neighbours, the more solar home installation accelerates in Merri-bek – and the more renewable energy we make as a community.

Every day over five homes in Merri-bek install rooftop solar, and that figure is growing.

You can find out more about what you can do on our Zero Carbon Merri-bek wesbite. You can also stay up to date by signing up to get our Eco E-news.

Get solar for your home

Installing a solar system is a great way to reduce your energy bills and join your community in making the shift to renewables.

We’ve partnered with Solar Savers to help you install solar. Solar Savers is a council-supported program to help you apply for rebates, interest-free loans and work with a trusted installer.

For residents on a low income, Council could pay up to $3,000 towards the installation of the solar panels on your home.

Find out more on our Zero Carbon Merri-bek website.

Go all-electric

Heating, cooling, hot water, cooking, cars – everything powered by solar electricity is cheaper and cleaner to run.

If you have solar or know someone who does, you’ve heard how satisfying it is to pay zero or minimal bills. It makes sense to switch every appliance over to electric to make the most of these gains.

But an all-electric home isn’t just for those with solar. Everyone can enjoy the leaps in energy efficiency that electric appliances have taken over the past few years. That’s cheaper heating, cooling, hot water, and cooking.

Choose electric when your appliances need replacing and plan ahead where you can, so you know what you want to install when you need to.

Moving to electricity improves indoor air quality, too. It’s a safer energy choice for your household.

Find out more on our Zero Carbon Merri-bek website.

Join a local group

There are many environmental and climate change organisations at work in Merri-bek. These groups look at things like caring for our local creeks, managing community gardens, creating environmental education opportunities, advocating for climate action, and more.

You can find a list of local organisations on our Zero Carbon Merri-bek website.

Use environmentally friendly transport

Riding your bike, walking, or catching public transport helps to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions. We also have electric vehicle charging stations across Merri-bek which are free to use and powered by renewable energy.

You can find out different ways you can adopt active or zero emissions transport on our Zero Carbon Merri-bek website.

Reduce waste

You can find advice and Council initiatives that will help you move toward zero waste on our Zero Carbon Merri-bek website.

This includes information about:

  • avoiding waste
  • joining a composting community
  • using food waste collection services
  • using waste and recycling services
  • finding opportunities to repair, reuse, borrow and swap items
  • joining Sharewaste or finding a compost hub
  • running a litter collection event
  • becoming a plastic wise sports club
  • accessing subsidies for schools and early learning centres

You can find out more about each of these areas on our Zero Carbon Merri-bek website.

Reduce your business's energy bills 

We offer Environmental Upgrade Finance (EUF) for businesses that want to make building upgrades. This is a long-term, low-interest loan to upgrade a building. The loan is administered by your Council.

You can find out more on our Making your business sustainable page.

Tips for a cooler home

It's going to be hot this summer. We have put together 7 tips you can use to make your home cooler and save on your energy bills.

Some tips are easy and low-cost. Other tips are more expensive and will be a long-term investment.

1. Create a cool room

2. Seal any gaps

3. Get to know your neighbours

4. Water your garden

5. Use the microwave

6. Cover your windows

7.Reduce your power costs

Download our PDF to stick on your fridge and keep track of your progress.

English - 7 tips for a cooler home (PDF 3MB)

Arabic - 7 tips for a cooler home (PDF 3MB)

Italian - 7 tips for a cooler home (PDF 3MB)

Urdu - 7 tips for a cooler home (PDF 3MB)

Turkish - 7 tips for a cooler home (PDF 3MB)

Nepali - 7 tips for a cooler home (PDF 3MB)

Greek - 7 tips for a cooler home (PDF 3MB)