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Affordable Housing Reference Group

Affordable Housing Reference Group provides timely advice to Council about affordable and appropriate housing in the municipality. It is the principal consultative body advising Council about its housing agenda.

The Group has an interest in exploring innovative housing approaches and engagement; and considers the diverse housing experiences of tenants, home owners, potential home owners and those with very insecure housing.


The Group advises Council about:

  • policy, research and priorities relating to municipal housing matters
  • housing advocacy priorities
  • implementation of the Merri-bek Affordable Housing Strategy and other ongoing policy work
  • community involvement and networks to promote participation around housing issues
  • views and interests of the Merri-bek community and housing agencies for the attention of Council and officers
  • Council’s future role in affordable and appropriate housing, and
  • event planning for topical housing issues.


  • Cr Sue Bolton
  • Amelia Addamo Hogan
  • Ande Bunbury
  • Argirios Tsialtas
  • Ben Neil
  • Cameron Bloye
  • John Whittam
  • Marie Marchetti
  • Najat Mussa
  • Sananaz Ahmed
  • Sheena Colquhounlist

Council officer members including 2 Councillor representatives and the Coordinator Social Planning, Housing and Community Wellbeing or representative, and 9 community representives.


This committee meets 4 to 5 times a year at the Moreland Civic Centre.

Terms of reference

Terms of Reference for the Merri-bek Housing Advisory Committee. (DOC 60Kb)