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Here you can download our full annual report or read more in a specific section.

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We have also divided the council plan into different sections. You can read any of them to find more detail about our plans for 2021 to 2025.

If you want to print any of our council plan, it will be easiest for you to print the relevant PDF section.

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You can download the following sections:

 Mayor’s message

 Purpose of the council plan and the role of Merri-bek Council

 Key statistics about the Merri-bek community

About our council plan

Community vision 

 The council plan on 1 page 

 Theme 1: An environmentally proactive Merri-bek

 Theme 2: Moving and living safely in Merri-bek

 Theme 3: A healthy and caring Merri-bek

 Theme 4: Vibrant spaces and places in Merri-bek

 Theme 5: An empowered and collaborative Merri-bek

 Implementation, monitoring and reporting of the plan

 Our planning process (attachment 1)

 Moreland Health and Wellbeing Profile 2020 (attachment 2)

If you have any questions about the council plan you can contact us.