Our vision

The community vision is how you want Merri-bek to be in the next 10 years.

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This is our vision

“Moreland is our home. We respect and look after our land, air, waterways and animals. We care for our people and celebrate our diverse stories, cultures and identities.

“Moreland is enhanced by all of us supporting our local businesses, arts communities and social organisations.

“We work together proactively and transparently to continue to create a:

  • vibrant
  • safe
  • healthy
  • resilient
  • innovative
  • regenerative community.

“Many faces, one Merri-bek.”





How we heard from you

First, we spoke to you through:

  • pop-up events
  • focus groups
  • online conversations
  • interviews
  • questionnaires you returned to us.

We received 3,227 contributions from over 2,000 Merri-bek citizens. Plus, we heard from 150 stakeholder groups.

Then we sent 30,000 invitations to random households across Merri-bek. We invited people to tell us if they wanted to take part in a community panel.

From those who volunteered, we randomly selected 44 people. They were young and old, and from different backgrounds, like people in Merri-bek. The people on the panel reflected Merri-bek’s diversity.

This panel met several times. They met face to face and online. They learned about the hopes the community had for the future. These hopes were what you told us earlier in the year at our events and other activities.

They also spoke to experts about key local issues. These included:

  • health
  • recovering from the pandemic
  • climate
  • open space
  • planning
  • transport.

Using this information, the panel members worked together to develop a community vision. The vision is used as a guide to write important documents such as the council plan.

The council plan says how we will work towards achieving the new community vision.

You can read more detailed information about the Imagine Merri-bek process.



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