Introducing the plan

Here our Mayor for 2020-21 introduces our new council plan on behalf of all our Councillors.

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Welcome to Merri-bek’s new council plan.

Here you will learn about our priorities for the next 4 years – and how we will achieve them.

Key themes

We wrote our Council Plan 2021-25 after talking to you, our community.

Thanks to your input, our plan has 5 key themes:

  • We will strive to protect the people, plants and animals of Merri-bek.
  • We will make it safer and easier to get around.
  • We will support Merri-bek to become healthier and more caring.
  • We will create welcoming vibrant spaces that are for everyone.
  • We will involve you when we make decisions.

What is on this site

Please take some time to explore this site. You can read more about how we talked to the community to develop the plan.

You can discover more about our priorities and how we will achieve them. Learn how we will check we are achieving our goals.

Thank you

We developed this plan during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us during this difficult period. And for identifying what is important to you. We could not have written this plan without you.

On behalf of everyone here at Merri-bek Council, thank you. We look forward to working with you over the next 4 years to bring this plan to life.

Councillor Annalivia Carli-Hannan
Mayor of Merri-bek 2020-21
Download the Mayor’s full message PDF


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