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In Merri-bek, there are over 70 senior citizens groups. Our seniors groups are for older people from all different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The groups meet at different venues around Merri-bek and provide an opportunity for older people in the community to get together for activities and socialising.

You can contact us to find out more about joining a seniors group, or get in touch with the group directly. You do not need to have an assessment to join.

Below is a list of all active social groups in Merri-bek, listed based on cultural background.

  • Brunswick Old Pioneers Club
    Secretary: Mr Alan Wilson
    Contacct: 0439 413 355

    Fawkner Branch Combined Pensioners Association
    Secretary: Ms Wendy Horton
    Contact: 9306 5708

    Glenroy Senior Citizens Inc
    President: Mr Peter O'Brien President
    Contact: 0400 487 158

    Residents Committee Federation Village Glenroy
    Secretary: Mrs Helen Rainsbury
    Contact: 9359 2229

  • Australian Lebanese Christian Ladies Group
    President: Mrs Yolanda Bacash
    Contact: 0425 773 583

    Lebanese Elderly Group
    President: MrsSumaya El Masri
    Contact: 0408 033 567

    Moreland Arabic Speaking Womens Group
    President: Mrs Najat Yamak
    Contact: 0423 583 543

  • Alexandrians Friendship Social Club
    Secretary: Mrs Silvia Marsiglia
    Contact: 0425 762 268

    Melita Club
    President: Mr Edwin Bonello
    Contact: 9386 5685

  • Brunswick Filipono Elderly Group
    President: Mr Geoffrey Dongalen
    Contact: 9380 4812

    The Filipino Social Support Group Inc.
    President: Mr Socorro Halili
    Contact: 0401 852 655

  • Australian Greek Isolated Group
    President: Mr George Panagiotidis
    Contact: 0419 574 115

    Cretan Brotherhood of Melbourne & Vic
    President: Mr Emmanuil Lilimbakis
    Contact: 9478 9072

    Elderly Citizens Club of Pallaconian Brotherhood 'O Leonidas'
    President: Mr Kon Glekas

    Glenroy Greek Elderly Group
    President: Mrs Maroulla Cope
    Contact: 0420 521 478

    Greek Elderly and Pensioners Association of Brunswick
    President: Mrs Anna Giannacos
    Contact: 9387 3395

    Greek Elderly Citizens Club Of Merri-bek
    President: Mrs Louisa Kavakliotios
    Contact: 0426 971 237

    Greek Orthodox Parish of St Nektarios
    President: Mrs Dimitra Magri
    Contact: 9359 5020

    Moreland Nothern Greek Senior Citizens Group
    President: Mr Nick Tokatlidis
    Contact: 0414 402 733

    St. Eleftherios Greek Elderly Citizens Club
    Secretary: Mr Evagelos Koutouleas

    St. Eleftherios Greek Elderly & Invalid Pensioner Group Brunswick
    Secretary: Mr Jim Soffianos
    Contact: 9350 3597

    Victorian Greek/Australian Elderly Citizens Group Inc.
    President: Mrs Kaneela Vlahogeorgos
    Contact: 0419 582 520

  • Associazione Arma Aeronautica Melbourne
    President: Mr Giuseppe Anfuso
    Contact: 0401 587 920

    Associazione Donna Calabresenel Mondo
    Secretary: Mrs Josephine Cessario
    Contact: 0452 559 858

    Associazione Donna Siciliana Nel Mondo
    President: Mrs Pina Piedimonte
    Contact: 9383 4521

    Associazione Emilia Romagna Del Victoria Inc
    Secreatary: Mrs Ermina Di Felice
    Contact: 0419 931 736

    Associazione Laziali Victoria Australia
    Secretary: Mr Rocco Trani
    Contact: 0417 318 606

    Associazione Nationale Artiglieri D'Italia
    President: Mr Epifano Naselli
    Contact: 9460 7563

    Associazione Nazionale Marinai D'italia
    President: Mr Bartolo Fonti
    Contact: 9598 6329

    Australian Pensioner Voice Inc.
    Secretary: Mr Gino Iannazzo
    Contact: 0404 389 280

    Basilicata Bocce Club
    President: Mr John Di Vincenzo
    Contact: 0425 233 953

    Benvenute Donne Glenroy
    President: Ms Assunta Parisse
    Contact: 0413 599 190

    Circolo Pensionati Della Comunita Vizzinese
    Secretary: Mr Salvatore Scalora
    Contact: 0411 601 131

    Circolo Pensionati Di Merlynston
    President: Mrs Francesca Cahill
    Contact: 0423 510 243

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani Allegra
    President: Mr Tino Modica
    Contact: 0402 057 250

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani Di St Fedelis
    Secretary: Mrs Marisa Campagna
    Contact: 0410 330 844

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani Di Casa Nostra
    President: Mrs Nella Bellofiore
    Contact: 0413 915 540

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani Di Coburg
    President: Mr Tony Presano
    Contact: 9350 4908

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani Di East Brunswick
    President: Mrs Rita Giovinazzo
    Contact: 0418 395 001

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani di Fawkner
    President: Mr Giuseppe Bellino

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani di Glenroy
    President: Mr Matteo Vincitorio
    Contact: 0418 384 322

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani Di Hadfield
    President: Mr Lucio Bufalino
    Contact: 0478 340 164

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani Di Pascoe Vale
    President: Mr Vincenzo Prililo
    Contact: Pasquale on 0402 057 250

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani Di West Brunswick
    President: Caterina Santomartino
    Coontact: 0451 513 193

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani E Famiglie
    President: Mrs Maria Nardella
    Contact: 0403 497 033

    Circolo Pensionati Pugliesi
    Secretary: Mrs Maria Di Mattia
    Contact: 0414 841 924

    Community Health Centre
    President: Mrs Rita Giovinazzo
    Contact: 0418 395 001

    Fawkner Italian Ladies Health Group
    President: Mrs Silvia Ferraro
    Contact: 0431 566 262

    Fawkner Senior Citizens Club Inc
    President: Mr Joe Rizzo
    Contact: 9359 0046

    Gruppo Culturale Pugliese D' Australia
    President: MR Giuseppe Marucci
    Contact: 0431 958 452

    IL Club Del Sorriso (IL Circolo Del Sorriso)
    President: Mrs Gilda Crimeni
    Contact: 9350 6219

    Marinai D' Italia Gruppo Stefano Pugliese Aust. Inc.
    President: Mr Nino Cuni
    Contact: 0415 327 320

    Moreland Italian Women's Group
    President: Mrs Sofia Blancato
    Contact: 9378 8038

    Risorgimento Club di St. Margaret Mary's Brunswick
    President: Mrs Giulia Nicolin
    Contact: 9386 6554

    St. Oliver's Italian Senior Citizens
    President: Mrs Maria Moretta
    Contact: 9354 4252

    Unione Nazionale Sottufficiali Italiani In Congedo
    President: Mr Giuseppe Morizzi
    Contact: 9741 8339

    Unione Pensionati italiani Circoli Indipendenti Inc.
    President: Mrs Maria Piccardini
    Contact: 0438 943 065

  • Coburg Maltese Senior Citizens Group
    Secretary: Ms Elizabeth Phillips
    Contact: 0407 863 605

    Golden Years Social Club
    Secretary: Ms Mary Agius
    Contact: 9306 3034

    Maltese Association Northern Suburbs Inc.
    Secretary: Mrs Rita Pullicino
    Contact: 0404 630 351

  • Moreland Chinese Elderly Senior Citizens Group
    President: Mr Qiyuan Chen
    Contact: 0434 147 607

  • Nepalese Seniors Group
    Coordinator: Mrs Rita Panta
    Contact: 0402372782

  • Glenroy Polish Elderly Club Inc
    President: Mr Stan Kot
    Contact: 9350 6691

  • Coburg Turkish Elderly and Pensioners Group
    President: MS Saliha Cosgon
    Contact: 0434 286 266

For more information, please contact Carmel Misuraca on 9240 2302 or