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Stormwater mapping - search your property

 Areas prone to flooding during a 1% AEP rainfall event. Read below for further information.

Merri-bek City Council has redesignated updated stormwater maps under the Building Regulations 2018. The new stormwater maps came into effect on 30 November 2023. Please use the above map to see if your property is affected.

We have been doing stormwater mapping for the 1% AEP storm event affecting local drainage catchments in Merri-bek. This helps us better understand where there are local stormwater overland flow paths and what this means for appropriate land development. The local catchments are where there are local drains managed by Council.

Appropriate development has floor levels above the flood level and new or extended buildings away from the flow paths to enable the safe passage of stormwater.  

The maps we have produced are only for the local drainage catchments. This is because the mapping for the regional catchments has been done by Melbourne Water, who manages the main drains, rivers, and creeks in Merri-bek.

The mapping for the regional (main drainage) stormwater overland flow paths and the river creek floodplains is already shown in overlay maps in the Merri-bek Planning Scheme. Visit our Planning Scheme page to find out if your property is affected by existing overlay maps.  


My property is affected by stormwater overland flows in a local catchment, now what?

We will work with you via a two-step approvals process when you are planning your development: 

    Step 1: Lodge a Flood Level Application for preliminary advice. 

    Step 2: Once the development's design has been prepared, lodge a Report and Consent application.

If you have questions please contact Council’s Customer Contact Centre on 9240 1111 or email


Other supporting information is:

  • 1% AEP relates to the 1% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) storm event. This is a high-intensity storm that has a 1% statistical chance of being exceeded in any one year. During such a storm, stormwater can flow across the land in overland flow paths.   
  • More information can be found on Council's local catchment stormwater mapping page.
  • We will shortly be seeking authorisation to undertake a planning scheme amendment to have these maps included in the Merri-bek Planning Scheme. We will contact affected residents when this occurs.
  • As part of the local catchments stormwater mapping, Council has updated information for Section 51(2) Property Information Certificates. These certificates are commonly obtained by people when buying or selling land.